Monday, June 18, 2012

Art and Beauty

*I began randomly scrawling one night, as I sometimes do, and this is what spilled out of my pen.  It reminds me greatly of Raphael's painitng intitled St. Michael vanquishing Satan.  Why do we love art so much?  Because it is a reminder of the beauty that exists within ourselves. 

The jagged mountain peaks twisted and writhed beneath an illbegotten sky.  Ominous clouds swirled madly above as an iron wall separating ethereal aurora from the devil's playground, Earth.  Warm and kindly as her nature proved, Sun wafted gentle rays toward her aggressor and soung a weak point in this guarded fortress of doom.  Delicately she entreated, claiming benevolence to the wretched inhabitants of our world, and earnestly sought a moment's compassion in this most implacable of all demons but to no avail.  All the earth was hidden in shroud.

The foothills of these threatening mountains seemed molded by tempters from hell.  Their hypocritical glory cast aside, they illustrated their metals at last in these distempered monuments.  Mocking Mother Earth's matronly mature they seemed molded severly with gnarled fingers turning first this way and now that, inviting any that might defy its menacing authority to come and dash himself to pieces on their rocky, vengeful slopes.

But hark! What voice is here?  Beyond the gates of anguish from a light as bright as heaven we hear the sure and certain tones of warrior in action.  Fast approaches mighty Michael, slicing open and casting asunder the smothering blankets of cloud.  The light of his great piercing eyes floods the terrain with ever healing light and goodness unleashed courses in torrents across the barren, hungering land.

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