Friday, June 29, 2012

Can't Touch This!

Allow me to introduce you to a couple of ladies who are my allies today in proving that a woman can dress modestly and look amazing.  We live in a society that often expects us to dress without any semblance of self respect and proclaim that if we do dress decently we are either being prudish, ignorant or oppressed.  I think we are exerting our feminine dignity in telling the world that we are so precious that they simply don't have money enough to buy us.

First is my dear sister, Crystal, who many of my readers know from her blog  She is the epitome of fun and creates joy in everyone she meets except those women who become sickeningly envious of her, which as you can imagine happens quite a bit among the less self assured crowd.  But we love them anyway.  No one's perfect.

I am girl! Hear me roar!  I don't know too many boys that would be able to resist this lovely face!  Posh and ever interested in dresses, make up and other indispensable items of life, little Julia is the model child of modesty.  She sings about it, encourages it in others and dons sleek, beautiful genuine artificial fur coats with pride!
 And for those who like me are more of the tortured poet literary variety, feel free to express yourself in classy innocence whilst pondering the blacks, whites, and greys of social thinking.  Under this pensive exterior resides a fully chiseled physique that faithfully hits the gym and watches what food makes its entrance.  And to all the boys out there, you haven't earned the right to view this sexy temple of a body, thank you!  This kind of heaven doesn't come to any except he who earns it! 


  1. This is a very good post Michelle. It is a shame more women can't be like you and Crystal. Would be a much better world.

  2. That pic of you is gorgeous, shelle! Love it. And love this post!

  3. I love you, Michelle! Your posts make me smile. And want to be better. Keep it up.