Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Creative Satire

I have just finished writing a short story that, I hope I may say, proves entertaining and also teaches a plethora of lessons.  Read it on the surface and it is both amusing and biting.  The setting is on a planet named Darita  in the solar system of a blue hot sun far away outside the known universe and discusses among other things how those who believe what they cannot see understand more about truth than those who believe only established scientific fact.  It being four pages I am not going to post the entire thing here but if you would like me to email you the entire manuscript feel free to leave me your address either in comment or at my email Here is a short excerpt to get an idea of the style at least.

"Darita boasts three moons.  She considers this wealth her own treasure trove of glory; they are the jewels in her crown of arrogance.  The inhabitants of this planet have termed them, from greatest to least, Orinto, Pavlati, and Jershack.  Orinto and Pavlati undoubtedly know their places, for they circle the planet generally arm in arm, walking the same road together like two sovereigns foremost in a glittering parade of stars.  Jershack, it is feared, proves rather the fairy step child of the lunar family and runs against the current, small, quick and showing himself when least expected."

The rest contains a story of a young country woman who can feel of things she cannot see and in a rather surprising stroke elevates her not in the mind of shallow Daritan man, but in the wiser mind of the reader as being spiritually in tune with things greater than her small planet has to offer.  


  1. I love stories like that & have sent you an email.

  2. Very well done. I love the premise. So true to life.