Monday, June 25, 2012

Drop Your Agenda

I have seen many people and at times have been guilty of this myself until I learned better who have a set course and refuse to change from it.  While I applaud determination, I must draw a distinction between healthy decisions to meet goals and sacrificing those around us in a pursuit of those goals.

Have you ever thought "well if So and so does such and such then I will be happy and have what I want?"  No matter how laudable our aims, let us remember that we don't have the right to exercise control over others in order to obtain those goals.  Perhaps our goals is for the good of others.  Stop and think.  Is the goal really in their interest or could there perhaps be a better plan?   People are not pawns in our agendas for the "greater good."  They are people.  They have their individual personalities and goals independent of yours or mine.

But there is one agenda that we ought always consider and trust.  It is the Lord's agenda.   Every morning I pray and ask what the Lord would have me do for that day.  What ought my agenda to be?  Each morning I have received an answer.  And God repeatedly reminds me that though I have an object in mind it is not for me to trample over others in order to get it at any cost.  Just do your best and leave the rest to Him. 

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  1. I wonder who you have in mind here... :). Nice post. So true.