Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Faith in the Face of Trial

As some of my readers know, I will have to undergo at least one surgical procedure for some health issues.   Time will tell the severity - I do not know the extent yet.  But as stressful as that might seem, and though it seems strange to hear, I am not in the least afraid.  Trial is not a time for weakness but a time for strength.  Trials give us the opportunity to try our metals and prove to ourselves how much we really can achieve.

I know for a fact that God is at the helm.  Each and every trial we have in our lives carries a purpose and is for our good.  Each trial we have that affects those around us are also for their progression and learning.  I have learned from profound experiences that there is not one single tear, heartache, trouble, or instant of pain that is not calculated for our learning.  And often those trials that seem the hardest to bear open doors of light, truth, and happiness we could never have had before.  I often think that the level of pain we are able to bear directly corresponds to the level of happiness our souls can handle feeling.

So when trials that seem insurmountable beset you, lift up your head and rejoice, for it is only God opening your soul and expanding it to allow a greater quantity of joy into your life. 

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