Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to Make Boys Crazy Over You

Dedicated to my nieces and all the other young ladies out there!

Every day you make a decision that will hugely affect the quality of your love life.  It is the decision that we all know well.  It is the decision of "What am I going to WEAR?" 

When you stand in front of the closet, imagine an hourglass.  You are at the tiny point in the middle and there is a funnel one way and another the other way.  You want to dress to impress, right?  To get what you want in life, right?  To catch the guys' attentions, right?  Good.  Glad to know we're on the same page. 

I want you to know that I have dressed all over the board.  I have worn mini skirts, long ruffled dresses, and there was a time I wore nothing but black - lipstick, nail polish, everything.  So I know what I'm saying and at the end will refer you to a smart man who will tell you the same thing.

So we're back in front of the closet, right?  Let's say you pick a cute little outfit that is a little low cut and a little shorter than mommy would like.  Who cares?  You can stash it in your backpack and change at school.  She'll never know.  Let me tell you what your parents probably won't explain too well.  Let's say you wear it.  The boys like it.  They love to see skin.  They like you and they flirt with you.  Then someone else comes wearing something a little lower cut and with a higher skirt.  The boys leave you for her.  You have just set yourself up, in essence, to have to compete with every other girl out there.  You, in essence, will have to be cheaper than the next girl to keep the attention you want.  And while they are peeking down your dress, flattering as that might be to you, they are also looking down their noses at you, because you have just told them point blank to do it. 

Hmmm....that doesn't sound like fun.

Let's get back in front of the closet.  Let's pick something else.  Let's say a pair of jeans and an uber cute T shirt, yes?  Okay, now you can't trade on skin. You have to trade on something else.  So do the things you like to do.  Art, reading, dancing, music, or whatever.  All of a sudden you get caught up in what you love and forget for a second the world around you.  Know what the guys are seeing?  Believe me, they are watching, and this is what is going through their heads "Wow!  There is a girl who is amazing at art, dancing, music, or whatever.  She's funny and smart, if I could just get her to look up at me and smile I'd float off to cloud nine!"  See the difference? 

So fall in love with yourself.  You deserve it.  And when you do they see it too and all of a sudden, before you know it, guys will drooling all over you with no hope of winning fair lady and then you can just pick the one  you want whenever you aren't busy pampering number one (that's you).   But don't take my word on this.  Google "Catch him and keep him" and you will find an absolutely awesome guy who has studied the way men think for years.  He'll tell you the exact same thing.   


  1. this was a great blog i loved reading it! thank you! your such an amazing writter and you know the truth!! :)
    from serena :)

  2. michelle...girly u know whats best for us. my mommy woud be very sad if i took im-modest things to school to change into!WOOHOO for tees and jeans!

    -Bella your favorite neice;)

  3. Love you ladies!!! Thanks for the commentary. See ya soon!!!

  4. Bella is right. I would be very sad if my girls took immodest clothes to change into at school.

    I love the part about "Fall in love with yourself." Great advice for anyone!

    Thanks for being a wonderful example to my girls. It takes a village, ya know!


  5. WOW. I read this post and TOTALLY AMAZED! I fell in love with your blog absolutely became your follower! I don't usually cope reading long texts in English because it's not my first language, but this: YES !
    I'll remember this post and your thoughts for the rest of my life and it's gonna help me to wear modest clothes! (I already knew that modest beautiful because I'm a Latter Day Saint girl and I've always worn modest, but STILL!)

    Happy summer to you!