Friday, July 6, 2012

Just Be Yourself

I always advocate people being themselves in all aspects of life but I particularly see the merit of so being in terms of romance, which is precisely where we tend to see people behaving like their honest selves the least.  Often we stress so terribly about saying the right thing to the objects of our affections, wearing the right clothes, listening to so called "cool" music and the like in order to finally attain a true love that fulfills ourselves to the center. 

Am I the only one who sees something amiss in this idea?  If we are selling an image, what should we expect to gain in return except a shallow relationship that panders to that image but not the man or woman beneath?  We cannot expect a true romance if we are offering only the surface to those around us.

And in the later course of a relationship I find the injunction to be true to oneself even more important perhaps than in the earliest stages.  If we have to live a course that is wholly untrue to ourselves in order to maintain a relationship there is something unbalanced in that relationship and our beloved is not in love with us but in a false understanding of what we are doing and why. 

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