Friday, June 1, 2012

Love Thyself

We often find ourselves tempted to hold grudges, engage in gossip filled conversations, over or under eat, and the like.  I am fully convinced that most of the vice in the world would disappear if people learned to love themselves.  Think of it for a moment.  If we loved our own consciences and honor more, valued our emotions and bodies more adultery would become extinct.  Fornication would disappear as well.  Treating people unkindly would be something fully beneath us.  We would love our own souls enough to reach out to the poor for we would not want the blemish of selfishness to tarnish our inner brilliance. 

I have learned something rather interesting in my years of yoga, tai chi, chi gong and the like.  Meditation is a powerful teacher.  I became more aware of my own mind/spirit/bodily connection and became ultra sensitive, comparatively speaking to what I was before, to the effect of sin, vice or anything that cheapens the soul.  It is repulsive to me.  Am I perfect?  Do I refrain from ever making mistakes?  I am of course very imperfect and make my share of mistakes.  But when I bear in mind the fact that I am a child of a living God and that any kind of vice cheapens me I carry a stronger determination to live with dignity and a clear conscience. 

So I invite you to be a little narcissistic.  Love those around you a bit more and realize that they have some right to a little healthy egoism as well.  Spend some time developing your talents and give others room to develop theirs.  We never need to pressure anyone else to love us more; we can fill our own loneliness, if we are indeed lonely, with our own self appreciation.  We can act as a boon to others by also seeing the worth and value within them.  After all, loving oneself requires we also love and appreciate others.  No self respecting child of God would do any less.

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  1. Probably one of the hardest things I have ever tried.