Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mormon Politics

I appreciated very much this week the avoidance of a possible breakdown of chaos in my Sunday School class and the kind and gracious behavior demonstrated by the excellent teacher whose actions aided the eventual peace.  Our lesson as scheduled was to discuss the political background of a story in the Book of Mormon and an election held by the people discussed therein.  The teacher began by saying that the concept of an election pertains to us today and as soon as these words left her mouth you could feel tension in the entire congregation as each and every one of us, myself included, stiffened and held our breaths. 

The fact is that Mormons do  not ever discuss politics while in the church.  It is against the laws and regulations set by the international Mormon leaders.  While in the church or at church functions there are no Obama haters, Romney supporters, Obama supporters or anything else of that nature.  Politics do not exist at the pulpit of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Ever. 

It may be the natural conclusion of many that all Mormons support Mitt Romney.  I myself didn't support him in 2008.  I thought he needed to gain a bit more wisdom before he entered the White House and internationally represented not only my country but my faith.  One might assume that bishops and teachers preach the support of a certain candidate.  Never.  I have never heard the political R name from the pulpit or from any teacher in the church.  Mormons are often very wary of discussing politics with each other outside of church functions.  I appreciate being part of a religion that separates church and state and renders its members absolute freedom to vote as they see fit without bullying, insults, or penalties.  If indeed Mitt Romney wins this election in November it will be because the American people as a whole entered the polls and elected him.  We are an international religion, but by the grace of God we rose from free American soil and promote freedom of thought to our members and to all.

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  1. Makes me even more proud to call you a friend.