Friday, June 29, 2012

Native Beauty

My body was born in Tucson, Arizona.  As a child I often considered that my spirit must have had very different roots altogether.  I am naturally rather of a profoundly loving nature and the idea of living in a dry, heartless desert filled with cacti and enveloped by the sweltering and often fatal summer sun held precious little charm for me.  People form their personalities to some extent by their surroundings and the idea of having a barren, unyielding soul horrified me.

But God granted me the miraculous blessing of being able to travel.  I have crossed the continental United States countless times, visited both Canada and Mexico, toured Western Europe and Israel at the age of 16 and have spent much cherished time in Meso America.  I have felt the passion of the jungle and basked on Mediteranean shores.  I have crossed the Swiss Alps and the North Sea.  And God granted me much association with those who have moved into my native Arizona, praising the exotic nature of sky reaching saguaro cacti. 

I may never be a desert rat at heart.  But viewing the entire earth as a whole I can better understand the beauties and enjoyable nature in this, the Land of the Rough and Tumble Cowboys.  Whatever our stations, our situations, or our particular gifts, we have a place in this wide and expansive world.  Remember that you are part of the beauty of this world and beauty has many faces.  There is no one right answer in terms of worth or divine nature. 

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