Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out of Control

I often hear people, particularly parents, becoming infuriated at someone or other because they are "out of control."  Let me share with you the stories of two people who were entirely out of control and the effect it had on those around them. 

First was a young boy named Tom.  He set his barn on fire by accident.  He accidentally caught a moving train on fire in his youth as well while trying to do chemistry experiments.  He attempted to make a cannon in his basement, which short lived invention ended up in an explosion that shook the house.  His father publicly beat him up in the town square to proclaim to the world how bad and disobedient his son was.  Tom refused to conform.  And thanks to dear Tom Edison, we now have the light bulb.   One of my favorite stories of an unruly child takes place in Italy.  A father wanted his son to enter into his profession as a banker to a wealthy family.  He of course recognized that money was what mattered in this world.  The father was infuriated at the son for refusing so to do.  The son wanted instead to pursue the "worthless," according to his father, life of an artist.  The boy's name was Michelangelo.

I don't know about you but I thank God in all seriousness and humility for many of those throughout history who have been out of control.  The fact is that when someone is out of our control they are still in the hands of their Master Parent.  And perhaps when they are most out of control it is because the Lord is using them to create miracles far greater than anything we can conceive.  When we try to control other people, even and perhaps most especially our children, we rob them and the world of the gloriously individual gifts they have to offer.  Let us remember that there is a difference between someone doing something altogether bad and their doing things differently than we do.  Perhaps that difference in perspective is the miracle our lives need to raise us higher than we ever thought possible. 

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