Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Short Reads for Summer

I love to read!  I love to share my favorite books as well, especially when summer hits and we generally become rather more inclined to literature than other seasons.  Here are a few short and thoroughly enjoyable works you might consider if you like the kind of blog posts I write.  Short reads but insightful and amusing.

1.  Almost anything by Bernard Shaw.  My personal favorite is Arms and the Man which humorously deals with the truth behind of noble natures and romance.  A group of overly dramatized, easily shocked friends learn that those who are down to earth and real not only prove smartest but also are the most gifted at true and honest romance.  Another great one is The Devil's Disciple which is a rather powerful argument that when we look to take care of people we come closer to God than if we sit around judging each other.  Both are masterful plays and are not terribly long.  (The BBC does great renditions of each.)

2.   The Artist of the Beautiful by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Frankly, I am in love with Hawthorne.  It's true.  This short story describes how the artist is more powerful than all the so called "real" and "important" laborers in life.  It compares an artist no one quite understands to a self satisfied blacksmith who boasts his brute strength is greater than the pointless creations of art.  Though to the end his associates don't understand him, the artist knows for himself with a surety that his is the greatest and most powerful trade of all.

3.  The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is an absolute must read if you have never picked it up.  It is a collection of letters from one demon in hell to another, explaining how tempters must carefully bewilder the pathetic humans and lead them carefully down to spiritual prison.  Screwtape, the writer of these letters refers to God as the enemy and Satan as "our father below."  You will find yourself saying "Oops.  He got me." as he describes how human think and are led into various transgressions.  It is not quite as short as a Narnia book but you will be turning pages with extreme rapidity.

Have a wonderful summer and happy reading to you!

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