Friday, June 8, 2012

Superheroes are People Too

Superman has always been my favorite of the classic superhero crowd.  I think it is because the man of steel turns to man of mush when Lois Lane walks into the room.  He can turn the world upside down but he can't handle seeing Lois hurt or upset.  There are many we see as the superhero type whether it be physically, academically, or just as a seemingly perfectly rounded individual. 

In college I met two such individuals.  One was a professor who at first glance seemingly had no flaws about his person at all in any form.  Many young male students would sigh and tell me that they feared they had no chance with any girl in this professor's class because next to him they simply couldn't compete.  Most of the female students, old and young, were entirely infatuated with the man.  But I knew him somewhat better than the most of his students and I knew his frustrations, both of trying to get through to this rowdy crew of undergraduates and also somewhat in his personal endeavors.  Though he appeared nearly superhuman to all who saw only the exterior he felt quite deeply. 

The other fella was a man at church in the singles congregation I briefly attended.  He was exceedingly intelligent, spoke Chinese, had traveled the world and the like.  I remember that I and surely many others considered that such a man would never bestow a glance in our directions.  Many of them I am sure gave up before they started.  I certainly did.  Recently he and his beautiful family moved into my congregation and I got to know him better.  Yes, his resume was certainly impressive but I found him to be simply a nice, non judgmental guy who never dreamed that people held such an opinion of him and certainly didn't hold such an untouchable opinion of himself. 

My point is this.  Don't give up on impressive people so easily.  They are people.  They have emotions and appreciate the same kind of human kindness we all hope to attain.  Treat them like people.  Love them like people.  Understand that they have frailties and human flaws and care for them in spite of such imperfections.  You might be surprised at how much like mush the invincible people of steel react.

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  1. Very good post. On the superhero issue my favorite is Superman as well. I started with the original back in another life, next would have to the Lone Ranger.