Friday, June 1, 2012

We Are All Works in Progress

It is usually fairly easy to agree with this statement when applied to ourselves.  We want people to have mercy on our frailties and protect our reputations rather than heartlessly cast us as subjects of gossip.  And hopefully we also take the concept to heart when dealing with the imperfect actions of others.

I am no stranger to being injured by others.  God knows better than I will ever tell the mass of humanity on this earth the deep and cutting injuries, betrayals and disappointments I have sustained in my lifetime due to the behavior of others.  Indeed, it has seemed to become an alarming trend in my life.  It would be easy to condemn those who have behaved horridly to me.  But for the most part God has granted me the merciful boon of remembering that we are all works in progress.  And through the troubles and trials with which He has blessed me I have learned that even if all things are not mended in this lifetime it will be okay.  Nothing is outside His understanding and power to reconcile.  This knowledge is one of the greatest comforts of my life. 

Sometimes those who behave badly outrank us in the scheme of our lives.  They may be role models, parents, church leaders and the like.  Those disappointments hurt the worst in my estimation, but it affords us a wonderful opportunity to recognize that we also have power within ourselves and frees us from worshiping imperfect human beings.  We learn to see such people more as humans and less as directors of the powers that be.  It brings our focus of adoration closer to God.  And it allows us to cast aside such imperfect opinions and realize that we have a right to voice our thoughts abroad and eventually become the role models and leaders this world truly needs. 

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