Monday, June 18, 2012

The World Within

I spend much of my life in service to others.  I tend to be a very careful and involved mother and seek to truly understand my children and teach them according to their needs and not my desires.  I try to view and accept people for who they are and not as I would make them.

It's exhausting sometimes. 

I have from my infancy always been more comfortable looking inward and enjoying solitude than being surrounded by people.  It is just how God made me.  I find that when I let go of responsibilities, exterior pressures and the like and simply focus inward I find a passionate and intesely powerful world inside the confines of my mind.  There exists in my mind and spirit a much deeper level of understanding, intelligence, and profound thought than any living soul on this earth has ever seen.  Solitude is where I find freedom.

Now I know we are all different and some people really thrive in social intercourse more than I do.  Nevertheless, with the constant barrage of facebook updates, tweeting, and general technological bruhaha, I cannot help but openly suggest we all look a bit more inside and discover the power and passion that exists within ourselves.  We are after all children of a living God and each carry a spark of divine fire.  Search for it, learn to accept and love it, and forget for a while the garish light of glittering society.

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