Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You Do More Good Than You Think

Have you ever had a hard time and gazed at an old friend's picture to raise your spirits?  Have you ever had a tremendous fight with one you loved and then, though not on speaking terms, found yourself thereafter faithfully reading their facebook statuses and wishing you could make things better?  Have you ever felt that you made such a blunder in a friendship that you dared not speak to the person again but found that the friend's influence wouldn't leave your thoughts, even after many years?  My friends, I have.  I think to some extent we all have found ourselves there whether we feel comfortable admitting it or not. 

Sometimes though we don't have the opportunity to demonstrate our love for people it remains vibrant in our hearts and we need them just as much as we ever did if not more.  Even the bare thought of them seems to make the day brighter.  And all too often life's frustrating boundries and politics get in the way. 

Let's turn the situation around.  Perhaps you feel that you work to help others, love others, and aid them.  Perhaps you feel that your friendships have been so often ruined that you lose hope in trying any further.  But perhaps there are those in your past who secretly think of you with the powerful, soul moving affection they dare not express in word or in deed.  Those who strive to love others and find themselves temporarily the worse for it are never ultimately lost.  Whether in this life or afterward the goodness you sow will eventually come round to you again and sometimes those who beget our deepest regrets become our dearest and choicest associations. 

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