Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You Too Can Rule the World

I used to frequently watch the movie With Honors and one of my favorite lines from that particular flick was "Arise!  You too can rule the world! You just have to crush everyone else first!"   This was followed by some "crushing" music on the Harvard University radio show. 

But the first part of the injunction really is true.  You too can rule the world, and not like President Obama, the British Parliment, or any other leader in the history of mankind on this tiny little planet.  You can rule better and more securely than they.  A person may rule a country for a short time because their friends placed them in power, because they were born into the right circles or have a gift in speech or politics.  But you can rule your own world by mastering yourself.

When we have self respect, when we overcome our challenges, when we find peace within ourselves without the need of having others reaffirm our worths for us we do indeed rule the world.  It is harder to master oneself than it is to lead a country.  How many political leaders have we had throughout the story of humanity?  How many of them were enslaved by their own passions?  Find peace and self love and no matter what happens to you, you can always rule your own inner world.  You can always come home to yourself to find peace and all the naysayers in the world cannot make it otherwise. 

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