Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Informal Education

I have found myself both defeated and renewed in strength.  I have had no choice, I feel, but to forego my long held dream of attaining a Masters and PhD.  Barriers have set themselves in place in a manner I have no power to overcome.  So be it.  I sacrificed my GPA to defend moral decency against a professor who had none and from a dispute arising from my alma mater's dishonesty I feel I cannot pursue a formal degree in English without moving out of Tucson, which I feel would be irresponsible with regard to my young chidren who deserve stability and family nearby. 

When I was quite young I had dreams of being exceedingly intelligent.  I dreamed of being even a sage, attaining countless PhDs and teaching, surrounding myself with the blessed joy of learning and books.  It was my greatest dream, along with the desire of being a good person.  But God had a different manner of teaching me.  I have read enough to suffice for a Master's degree.  And indeed, the greatest learning and wisdom we can attain isn't found in the classroom.  Look out your window and you will find a grand and passionate laboratory of science and fact.  There exists truth in every leaf, every gust of wind and every blade of grass.  If you, like me, have not the opportunity to pursue a formal education, let these be your teachers.  Close your eyes and let the spirituality that exists in all things rise up to met you.  From the tiniest electron to the great star VV Cephei, truth exists.  Professors and doctors have not the monopoly on wisdom; indeed, I have met many who carried precious little of that commodity.

Truth exists all around us.  We embody more of it than we generally believe.  All things from the smallest to the greatest ultimately must bend the knee to the almighty Master and greatest Teacher.  Let us learn from Him, then, and continue an informal but truly marvelous education.  After all, universities come and go, empires rise and fall, but wisdom exists forever. 


  1. I agree with you on this. I was fortunate enough to educate myself as far as I dreamed I would. My aspirations were never to be master's level or higher. I have learned more from working over the years with inmates in the prison, or the geriatrics whom I hold so dear to my heart. My dream is to know the human soul, and I have been very blessed to do so. I head many groups for special needs adults and children. I have learned more from heart to heart human contact, than any text book could have taught me. I have been with countless individuals as they take their last breath of life. I have watched people that were so afraid to die , they would clutch the side rails with white knuckles. I have asked every elderly person, what is your advice for life? What was your truth about having a life long marriage? I am so fortunate to have worked many years with prison inmates, and had great conversations about life and learning.....I have even had the opportunity to help change some of those lives. Education is great, it opens doors and windows to a greater unknown understanding. In my life, I am exactly where My heavenly father wants me to be, and what a blessing to me that I know that. It is not about riches, or stature, simp0ly about love.Sometimes I believe that I should have been born in a different era. I believe we are all here on this earth to learn many thing's , and to take those experiences back home with us. Thank you, Michelle, you always shine your light for everyone to see :)

  2. Well at present I feel rather blinded by your light, my friend! Thank you for sharing that. I will always be in love with formal education I think. It's my long lost love perhaps but like all relationships sometimes God decides we need to see more of life so that when we meet again we will be able to have a greater, deeper relationship than ever before. But I believe in education and truth in everything and doubt not that all things can be our teachers. Yours has truly been a powerful education indeed and of the highest merit and purpose.