Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bring Heaven to Earth

I have often heard people say "This situation in which I find myself is hopeless.  There is a relationship that has been damaged beyond repair.  Maybe in the next life it can be fixed." or  "Maybe in the next life I can overcome this personal weakness."  Stop it.  We are not to wait in idleness waiting for a savior to come and make everything better.  I have never believed that we can be miserable, unruly people here and suddenly become angels of light in the hereafter.  We work upward by degrees and we cannot expect things to be better for us then if we do not do our very best to improve our own spiritual matter now.

I know a man who was the vilest of sinners.  He harbored terrible addictions, abused his pregnant wife unmercifully which led nearly to her death, and profaned those things that were most innocent and precious.  He was violent and unspeakably cruel.  Through trial and misery he has broken the shackles of addiction, calmed his temper, learned to think of others before himself and humbly accept that he has done terrible things of which he ought to be ashamed.  The abused wife, though traumatized beyond being able to function in a romantic relationship with anyone, has acted as his therapist.  She has used the knowledge she has of his evil psyche in order to help rescue him from it.  This transformation did not happen after this life was over.  It happened here.

When we say "It can only happen in the next life" we are limiting ourselves and our own personal progression.  We are holding to pain, sorrow, and grudges because we do not want to swallow our pride or admit our way is imperfect.  We sometimes think we are powerful because of the pain to which we cling.  My friends, it doesn't matter if we are justified in holding to our grudges and anger or not.  Let it go.  Allow life to become heavenly.  Allow your own spirit to grow.  Allow your own better self to overcome the negativity within you and around you.  And someday, we will walk into heaven, not as a final destination that is unknown to us but as a familiar setting that we have always carried in our hearts.

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