Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discover the Whole Truth

Some months ago I expressed some interest and appreciation in a certain celebrity from an older era of television.  A friend, undoubtedly concerned for my innocence, warned me that this celebrity had been involved with horrific amounts of pornography and that I ought to exercise caution in my regard for him. 

Well, I appreciated that warning and upon some research discovered a profound history that I hadn't previously dreamed.  The celebrity had, indeed, found himself out of luck upon being severely typecasted after his most famous role.  As he could find no other work he turned to pornographic films and there are some who seem bent on publishing to the world his mistake in this regard.  His life seemed to take a downward plunge and he seemed confused about some issues.  He remained a kind, friendly, warm person and those around him bespoke his wonderful behavior toward them.  But he was human and things didn't seem to work to his favor.  He decided to try to iron out his life and create some stability.   One night he told the photographer who was involved with his pornographic work that it was over and he was not going to associate with him anymore.  The next morning found this celebrity murdered in his bed, his head smashed in with a camera tripod.  DNA tests of the time couldn't prove conclusively that the blood found in the photographer's car was an exact match and the alleged killer walked free. 

I have a hard time watching his movies now for the sorrow that befell this man and his brutal untimely end.  I think sometimes we hate evil more than we love good and we forget that no matter how vile a sinner a person may be, it is likely that he or she also has good points and personal griefs.  Certainly many who publish websites about this man seem wholly interested in blackening his name and their propaganda seems to work, as it surely reached the trusting ears of my friend. Do we take human weakness and trial into account when we judge people?  Do we give them the benefit of the doubt?  Do we cling to the negative in others, forgetting that good also exists?   Don't we all make mistakes?  Aren't we all human?  And what kind of merciful judgement would we wish extended to us?

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