Monday, July 30, 2012

Farewell, My Friends, For a Season

I have been intensely interested in Thoreau's Walden.  I have always believed in the merits of meditation, thoughtfulness, labor and the like.  Life's greatest truths exist in quiet and focused purpose.  Having two children and a job to maintain I probably ought not seclude myself in some distant region as Thoreau.  But it is a powerful experiment that I would like to attempt in my own life.  So am I moving?  No.  But until further notice I will walk away from "life" as we know it.

Our society is filled to overflowing with technology and the internet.  Newsweek recently published an article that discusses how internet addiction can lead to insanity.  I believe it.  So in an attempt to discover greater things I will walk away from most of my internet use.  My facebook account will be left active but I shall not log in.  The blog shall remain in existence but I shall post nothing further for some time.  Be it a week, a month, a year or more I intend to walk away from the stresses, demands and mind obliterating noise of the internet.  I shall still answer emails, as I must for work etc and feel free to reach me through that medium, though I may not answer for some time.  You can always catch me at

In the meantime, I wish you good fortune and happiness.  I shall return to this blog full force, I imagine, after some indefinite period.  But while I am away, learn from the world around you and find happiness in all things before you. 

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