Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inside a Mormon Temple

Many people naturally harbor a curisity of what transpires behind the guarded doors of a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We have no secrets.  Let me give you the gist.  Firstly, a person does not enter a temple unless they prove themselves worthy by a checklist of moral standards.  These standards include not drinking, smoking, committing adultery, and the like.  In this society I fear that might be unfortunately considered an excessively high bar to reach. 

Once there, you are taught that God loves you and appreciates so much the sacrifices you made to be there.  You are encouraged to reach even higher, go even further heavenward, guard with greater fervor your language, thoughts, deeds and attempt to become as Christlike as possible.  You are promised happiness with your family in heaven if you endure to the end.  That's about it.  You may have heard about covenants, rites and rituals and that we don't discuss them outside the temple.  Yes, we hold them sacred. But they are in essence teaching tools.  They aid us in becoming more virtuous, Christlike and morally just.

One of the great beauties of the temple is that you check all your stress at the door.  Once inside you privately change into very modest white clothes to denote purity, and everyone being arrayed in white, there is no worry about what you are wearing, what someone else is wearing, and you cannot tell the difference between rich and poor.  You know you won't be approached by some drunken lunatic offering you a hotel room, and the setting is quiet and peaceful.  It is an excellent place to pray, meditate, regain inner peace, and love your God and all He has given you.

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  1. I really enjoy learning about your beliefs and the temple and hope you will continue to give us more.