Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Okay - Be A Different Kind of Mother

Let's examine this picture to the right, shall we?  Hmmmm...tattoos on face and hands, dyed hair, etc.  She doesn't seem like your typical, run of the mill milk and cookies mama, does she?  I'd like to introduce you to my sister, Coral Newberry and her new bundle of beautiful love, Violet.  I have long admired Coral's spirit and independent energy though our choices and behavior are often as different as black and white.  You generally wouldn't think of her as the motherly type if they saw her on the street.  You couldn't be more wrong.

Beautiful Coral is the excellent mother of five kids and has taken mothering to a kind of creative platform which I highly admire.  Walking through her house, you will not find perfectly dusted cookie cutter type organization with children behaving like perfect zombies of obedience.  You will find a home strewn with masterpieces of her own creation.  Canvases cover not only the walls but often the floor to say nothing of the massive murals in her children's rooms.  Ask for a glass of water and you will find your cup stained with acryllic paint, as she often uses them to wash her brushes.  You will find children who are valued as intelligent beings, familiar with Picasso, and allowed to make their own choices.  I might also add that she does crochet, cross stitch and taught me to make absolutely devilish chocolate chip cookies. 

Women in our society are often discouraged from becoming mothers.  We are often taught that being a mother means sacrificing who we are.  Untrue.  We take who we are and rejoice in our own divine natures.  We teach our children beauty, life, and all the amazing talents we have to offer.  God created you, His daughter, with powerful gifts.  Use the good you have and seek to destroy your demons that you may bring happiness to others and to yourself.  You don't have to fit a mold to be a mother.  I myself fell in love with learning at a very young age.  I didn't think myself patient enough to teach ABC to children.  But I not only taught that but how to read and instilled in my kids a love of studying.  I teach my children about historical figures I admire such as Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and William Wilberforce (look it up, people).  My house is not an art gallery; it is a university.   You can be a powerful mother.  Never fear your lack of ability - you have greater strength and potential than you think. 

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