Monday, July 2, 2012

Late Term/Partial Birth Adoptions

There has existed for decades much contention and heightened hostilities between those that argue pro choice and pro life.  I recognize that we are all different, come from different backgrounds, and the like.  I am not trying to get on a soap box today and condemn those that defend the doctrine of pro choice.  But I do have a suggestion regarding one of the most heated issues pertaining to the realm of abortion.

Late term and partial birth abortions are, as viewed by pro life defenders, the most grotesque, heartless and vile aspects of the whole abortion argument.  It seems logical enough to me to think that those babies that are aborted at this stage have already a well running chance at survival if they receive proper care.  Thus the woman is no longer protecting her own body alone and defending her own rights alone.  Not many would argue that this unborn child is not indeed, at this point, a child already.

So here is the suggestion.  If a woman waits long enough to have a late term or partial birth abortion, she should be required to hold that child in her womb until the seventh month and then induce a birth, and the state will take the infant as an orphan.  The child will then be placed in the hands of social services who will find a permanent home for said child.  The mother does not have to care for the child or carry it the full term but would be responsible for carrying the baby until the seventh month under penalty of child abuse if she attempts to abort or injure the child from the time she would have chosen the late term abortion and the seventh month.  Make the woman responsible for the child as a child since it could at that time have a chance of survival.  Perhaps this isn't a complete answer but I feel it is a more humane and lenient compromise than our country presently entertains.  What say you? 


  1. It has never made sense to me how any woman could willingly give up her child. If you do it early on in the pregnancy, I still do not agree with it, but it is far more humane. I also must say , unless you are in a situation that is not wonderful, you really don't know what you would do. I grew up not liking the very thought of abortion. My religious views were very strong at a very early age. When I was 25, finding out I was prego with 3 babies, I was single, becoming pregnant from a really bad situation, I did have thoughts about abortion. I could never go through with it, it was never more than a thought. The thought of raising triplets on my own was scary.I am, of course, so grateful for my children, and would never trade them for anything. I think that you are on the right track with your thoughts on abortion. It is a reasonable plan. There are so many women that are unable to have children. There are so many potentially loving families that would love the opportunity to love those babies.

  2. Me too, but I'd rather be fighting it than ignoring it. I feel like my kids will find out about abortion someday and be shocked and appalled at me for not having tried to stop it. You are too good for this world, babe.