Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

In 1776 these rights were self evident.  Today I sometimes wonder. 

First and foremost is the right to life.  All human souls should have the right to it, including the unborn children of this country's women.  Where is our patriotism if this, most precious and foundational of all rights, finds itself revoked when pertaining to the most innocent, unspotted and helpless citizens of our country? 

Give me liberty or give me death.  Give me the liberty to believe in and promote the basic solidifying elements that created this nation such as God, providence, miracles and hard work without being treated as an outcast of political and intellectual society.  Indeed, this right ought to ever be self evident.

I love to look through the eyes of Jefferson in regard to the pursuit of happiness.  What did he do to promote his happiness?  He created things. He studied. He planned and built Monticello.  Let's consider Benjamin Franklin.  He attempted self mastery and gained gratification in attaining ever higher wisdom.  How cheap it seems to think that our society equates pursuing happiness with seeking immediate gratification, financial handouts, and victimizing itself.  Never in the history of mankind has this led to happiness.  Happiness is in creating lasting and meaningful beauty in ourselves and the world around us.  Let us always remember our right and duty to pursue honest happiness. 

But the present and future can be what we make it.  Let us remember the constituents of our nation's founding document and redefine this year and always those rights that are endowed by a kindly and merciful Creator.

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