Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mormon Undergarments

I am a very modest person and it has been interesting indeed to read news articles about Mormon nether clothing complete with headlines, arguments, debates and the like.  I have felt to say within myself "Is nothing sacred?  Do we really have to discuss underwear?"  But with politics being what they are, I suppose the answer is yes. 

Is it true that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints wear special underwear?  Those who have been to the temple do.  It is essentially a shirt with short sleeves and shorts that reach about to the knee.  Why?  There are many reasons and it really is a beautiful, spiritual thing.  Catholic priests wear sacred robes to illustrate their devotion to God.  Garments are the same thing, but we wear them under the clothes instead of outside.  It is a way of carrying our devotion to God with us at all times, in all things and in all places.  It separates us from worldliness and because we consider it sacred we wear clothes that are modest enough to cover it.  Therein is an interesting concept.  When people dress modestly they tend to behave modestly and with greater moral decency.  The garment tends to facilitate that because your outer clothes have to be modest in order to wear it.  No miniskirts, tank tops, or midriffs.  Nothing too low cut.  You choose clothes to cover the garment respectfully; you don't alter the garment to fit fashionable clothes.  It releases you from having to worry about keeping up with trends, really, and allows you to recognize that you are more than just a body, which in this society is a lesson we need to continually remember.  We won't learn it from the media.   A cousin of mine remarked "I could never take my garments off in order to commit adultery."  That is another benefit.  It keeps you straight arrow.  Instead of giving into mad momentary passion you have to make the conscious, painful choice to throw God to the side and follow a sinful path.  I couldn't do it either.

Now that the mystery is over, I am sure there is another question on your tongue - isn't that uncomfortable to wear?  No.  It took two days to get used to it and after that I wouldn't want to be without it.  And I am not without it.  Yes, you can take it off to shower, wear a one piece swimsuit (no bikinis allowed) and if you are the get the point.  You can choose whether or not to wear it while working out or playing sports.  Most professional Mormon athletes don't wear it while playing because they consider it too sacred to get sweaty and dirty.  But other than that it is the first thing you put on, it is the closest thing to your skin, to your heart and helps you keep your priorities in line on a daily basis. 

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