Thursday, July 12, 2012

Penn State Knew

I realize that this is a heated debate and mine is only one voice in the great wave of tumultuous internet screams, but allow me to relate a story from my history that has colored my vision regarding this notorious matter. 

I attended the University of Arizona as an undergraduate and developed a great love for my professors there.  I sought to give them the benefit of the doubt in all matters and often held my tongue when I might have unleashed a tirade of logical evidence that might have floored them in front of their other students.  There was one in particular who from the beginning I wanted to like.  I desperately wanted to like this person and he also seemed to have a kind of respect for me.  I still want to respect him.  His class began fairly decently and little by little submerged itself into a foul, immoral, indecent den of deranged sexual exploitation of English literature.  By midterms I could barely contain my disgust.  Still I heaved a deep breath and plunged onward.  Long story short I received a D in that class because I refused to write the final paper which had to do with advocating child prostitution.  I argued with him privately regarding my right to exercise my religious beliefs and indicated that this proved contrary to everything I held dear.  As the paper was worth 60% of my grade he might have failed me.  I think he graded me as he did to get me out of his hair.    He was reprimanded by the U of A and he now teaches at Penn State.

Didn't they screen him first?  Didn't they glance at his published poetry which praises respect for human sexuality?  Methinks they knew and welcomed him with open arms because they recognized one of their own. 

I don't hate my former professor.  There was something in him that was extremely human and that humanity induced my compassion for him as a poor lost soul.   But while I can love him as a person I cannot be blind to the facts as they stand.  

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