Thursday, August 9, 2012

And Blessings Shall Rain Down Upon You

I love to watch the sky grow dark just before a desert storm.  There are few things in this world as beautiful and welcome as rain on scorched earth.  Arizona bakes under the merciless and sometimes fatal summer sun for months before it begins to see the yearly promise of flooding monsoons.  It seems as though God created this miserable kind of climate in order to teach his children to pray and look heavenward in expectation.

And soon the wind picks up and howls through tree branches, whipping around saguaros and creating dust devils out of dry sand.  The smell of mercy wafts toward you and finally the precipitation begins to fall.  I have often watched as blessings literally shower down from heaven, drop by drop.  It seems like the entire world relaxes and all your faith during the parched summer months has not been in vain. 

My friends, there is a God in heaven.  He does answer prayers.  Even when we feel like our pleas go unanswered and trials beat down upon us like an Arizona sun the day of peace and retribution will eventually come.  Never lose faith in miracles and remember that when you feel the most burned, dry, brittle, and exhausted the rainclouds of mercy are right around the corner.

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  1. Too often when things are difficult we tend to concentrate on the circumstances instead of our God who is ready to take care of the need if we will only turn to Him. As the song says "oh what needless pain we bear because we fail to carry everything to Him in prayer". Have a blessed weekend my sweet friend. If you are in touch with Crystal let her know I think of her and her family often but don't have a way to comment on her blogs any more.