Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chickens Don't Make Good Friends

I have often observed the hen pecking in life.  A person is injured or down and suddenly they find themselves surrounded by a whole flock of nit picking, nay saying, mindless foul creatures, finding fault with the person's actions and creating hypothetical situations in which he or she would still be a failure.  I have certainly endured much of this kind of verbal abuse in my lifetime in various ways and have at long last found a way to root my way out of the hen pecking crowd.

The only way we can disentangle ourselves from a flock of nay sayers is simply to stand taller even when in the midst of them.  This often requires us to take a great deal of quiet time to ourselves in order to sort out the truth about ourselves from the irrational behavior of others.  It also requires that we know our own business well and be relatively self reliant.  A nay sayer can't make much of a case if we know our own stance and can stand our ground, yes?  And when we are too exhausted, down, upset, or the like to be on our games, the next best option, and it is a powerful one, is to stand tall (literally) and walk like we own the place.  That immediately places nay sayers into a strange psychological state.  They cannot see our hearts; they only see someone who acts the part of a demigod among men and they will automatically treat said demigod accordingly.

I have been in situations where those who might have been inclined to think ill of me have not only turned to so called adoring fans but have allowed me to teach them that we ought to treat all people as children of God.  If we want to fight evil in the world and convert it into goodness, that might be a crucial area in which to start.

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