Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creativity: A Spiritual Matter

You and I are children of eternity.  We are vessels of power and light.  And we are made of the same intelligence that formed this universe and possibly others just like it.  I cannot believe that any person can prove altogether "uncreative."  I have heard people I love dearly consider themselves as uncreative.  I hardly think so.  One of them was a mother.  For goodness sake, she created two humans!  Have you ever cleaned a room or organized a closet?  Well then, did you not create order in the place of chaos?  What are you wearing?  Did you not craft an outfit based on what you saw in stores et cetera? 

I do not often post my poetry on this blog but I do write it at various times according to my inclination.  I have written poetry since I was eight and I find myself sometimes, and usually when penning a particularly good piece, finding myself only an observer of something that seems to come from a higher source.  Often it seems that I could walk out of the room and the pen would keep scribbling on its own.  Were you to ask me who wrote it I would have to confusedly say that I did because I was the only one in the room at the time and happened to be holding the pen.  But the words often come of themselves and I sometimes reread my work only to wonder how the poem came to be, for it surely did not arise from my own personal genius. 

There is a Higher Light that works through us sometimes.  This Higher Power works through you, perhaps not in poetry but perhaps in more important ways.  Are you able to create comfort for a weeping child?  And is that not a greater talent than rhyming words and pounding out rhythm?  Are you able to create a moment of happiness in the life of a lonely widow?  Can you not create a moment of peace and joy for yourself?  I hope that we all realize the creativity within us and use it to brighten and uplift each other, that we might grow in love and appreciation toward all.

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