Friday, August 24, 2012

Did We Exist Before Birth?

Although Mormonism teaches that we existed before our entrance into this life and lived in the presence of God, no one ever really taught me that fact.  It was something I always intrinsically knew and when my parents taught me the established doctrine at a remarkably young age I remember thinking "Well of course.  Why are we restating the obvious?"  I had already been well acquainted with that fact.

How do I know this?  Some things just follow you and I have always felt, even to an agonizing degree, that this life is a hollow emptiness in comparison with a life we knew before.  I spent many hours weeping into my pillow from my childhood on for longing of a home that I knew and could almost remember.  I knew that something was missing from life and that something could not be restored while my body drew mortal breath. 

My friends, this life is wholly insignificant except as a learning tool and proving ground.  All those things we hold as so precious as pertaining to things of this world melts into oblivion when compared to even a hint of our rightful homes.  I have never been much of one to wear jewelry or dress in a manner consistent with my rather high financial status because I so tremendously feel an aversion to worshipping the dead and empty treasures of this slumbering world.  We are used to glories beyond human comprehension.  Let us reach upward toward our past.   

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