Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall in Love...With Yourself!

In a world where relationships tend to crumble at an alarming rate, I have been led to think frequently what this society would be like if we first fell in love with ourselves and focused on ourselves before we indulged the desire or need to find a partner.  It would require we alter our thinking regarding relationships altogether for the most part so that instead of finding the person to help and aid you through life you would be standing on your own feet and finding the person with whom you would wish to share joy and create a life of beauty greater than either you or they could create alone.

So let's take that perspective and run with it.  Suddenly a great many hinderances to happiness would disappear.  We would not prove the weepy, clingy, needy people we sometimes might be and we would also enjoy the lack of a demanding, jealous cling on.  If both people value themselves and by choice make a pair then they both ought to be confident in their mutual associations. 

It simply stands to reason that if we love ourselves we will not wish to tarnish our honor with such vile things as cheating, contention, selfishness or greed.  We would have happiness within ourselves instead of demanding someone else make us so.  We would recognize that life's trials are not things to be feared but embraced in a spirit of gratitude.  We would find glory in facing them and coming out conquerer.  No man would be able to inflict emotional pain in us because we would be fortified by our own self love and respect.  So come, my friends.  Let's all fall in love...with ourselves!

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