Monday, August 20, 2012

FYI: You're Sexier Than You Think

One of the most informative series of experiences I had in logging out was in discovering things about my own physique.  This may sound strange but bear with me.  After my mind became used to the slower pace of life I opened up my email inbox and found a sexy advertisement staring at me featuring the back of a scantily clad woman from the waist to the knee.  My mind, working at a slower pace than usual, began breaking down the image before me.  The first thing I felt was that because I was not dressed the same way and flaunting myself I must be terribly unattractive.  It caused a deep though fleeting sense of shame for dressing as modestly as I do.  I caught myself and shook off the impression but was astonished to find that this is probably what happens to women when they view these things, whether they realize it or not.

I should add that I am not one to think myself wholly disgusting.  I have peace in my manner of dress though it be not the most fashionable or perfectly in vogue this season.  I dress well, modestly, and decently and was not consciously aware of any kind of perceived worthlessness in myself because of it.  The second experience was at the gym.  My mind being sharper and my senses more acute by this time I began practicing yoga in front of a mirror.  Upon pulling up the legs of my pants I found to my shock a great deal more muscle tone than I thought I had.  In spite of years of salsa and weight lifting I hadn't realized that my physique had gained much from it.  My mind was always engaged more in facebook statuses and the like and I realized that I had spent much of my life not seeing simple things that had always been before me.   

I think we might safely apply these concepts to everyone.  When we are constantly surrounded by images of supermodels, many of them wholly fake or airbrushed, we subconsciously think we are somehow less.  We do not stop to recognize that we are gorgeous just the way we are.  Appreciate yourself.  You are the best person at being yourself and you never have to compete with anyone else.

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