Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Some days ago I was engaged in trying to manage my very rowdy kids and keep the house clean.  They were being thoroughly unhelpful, resisting all pleas to common decency and I was up to my limit.  Patience had abandoned me, my nerves were in shreds and I had had quite enough.  I sank into the couch which afforded a view out my very large great room windows onto the back porch.  When I looked up I saw my children playing in their kiddie pool and splashing dirty water all over said windows.  What to do?  I did of course the only natural thing possible.

I grabbed my camera and sat outside taking pictures of my little monkeys destroying my clean windows and rough housing in the pool.  Before I knew it I was laughing and admiring my children's beauty and happiness.  I appreciated their glee in splashing each other unmercifully and found their combined antics heartwarming.  Being altogether too tired to rush inside for their beach towels I let them air dry in the Arizona sun when they had wearied of the pool.

Sometimes it isn't the unfair life that is the problem.  Sometimes it is our perspectives and priorities.  Sometimes we just need to let go and allow life to happen.  Sometimes the answer is letting life teach us rather than our trying to control it.  Sometimes what our souls really need is hysterical laughter and dirty windows. 

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