Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lose Your Senses

I have long studied various ways and means to relax the body and the mind.  Having severe post traumatic stress this has been quite necessary for my ability to function and even my survival.  While there are countless manners of relaxing I think one of the most powerful that everyone can do and no one need move too far from their typical way of life is to slow down and utilize only one sense at a time. 

Consider the peace of turning off the lights in a room and turning on some relaxing music.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly and let the music flow through your mind.  Let it open the tension locked inside your head.  Or perhaps sitting down to a meal?  Take slow bites, chew your food, and enjoy the taste fully.  Enjoy the feeling of the food or drink in your mouth.  Enjoy the act of swallowing and the satisfaction of a contented stomach.  Accept with pleasure the knowledge that this food is giving strength and energy to your body.

When we do this, we increase our abilities to overcome trouble, think through difficult problems and the like.  We become empowered over the chaos and quick moving events of the day.  When we give ourselves permission to slow down we find that never needed to spend our days running in the first place.

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