Monday, August 27, 2012

Make Yourself Unforgettable

No one wants to be that person described as "out of sight, out of mind."  I have spent some time contemplating what those people who I have dubbed unforgettable in my own life have had in common.  I was rather surprised to find the answer.  Those who were most memorable were those who kindly taught me something about life, whether directly or otherwise.

For example, I had a yoga teacher whose class I attended with some level of frequency.  I was in dire straits at the time in attempting to wade through amnesia, trauma, illness and a profound amount of personal stress.  He initiated our conversations and I told him I suffered from trauma.  He taught me how to use yoga to lessen psychological pain.  Our friendship eventually ended on an extremely unharmonious chord but years after the fact I still employ what he taught me on a daily basis and as frustrated as I might have been with some of his behavior, I can never deny the fact that my life is richer and happier because he was in it. 

I might relate dozens of such experiences but the underlying point remains that when we live our lives so that others are blessed by knowing us, we make ourselves unforgettable.  Relationships, friendships, and even familial relations come to difficult ends sometimes.  We cannot know the future.  But we can live each day of our lives in kindness, seeking to better the lives of those around us and by so doing etch our names and deeds into their hearts so profoundly that neither argument nor time can erase it.

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