Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Michelle is Back - With New Insights

It has been a profound and beautiful time away from the greater internet world.  I left to learn in a different way, to silence my thoughts, come closer to nature, and gain deeper perspectives on life.  Goodness sake, have I ever found new perspectives!  Within 24 hours my journal was brimming with new concepts and understanding of many things I had taken for granted before. 

As a brief example of this, I found my senses actually sharpened themselves almost immediately.  My vision was clearer, my hearing much more acute and my appreciation of life so much greater.  I felt as though I was waking up and viewing a greater world than I had remembered existed.  I looked across the horizon driving to work and seemed to see for the first time the majestic Arizona mountains.  At a red light I fell to pondering the life of a construction worker I saw at the side of the road.  There were lessons in the breeze, in the sunlight and these new understandings pertained to every aspect of our lives whether social, political, spiritual or any other you might imagine. 

So I have decided to do my dear readers a favor.  I have written already over 30 posts, finished and wholly complete.  But for the sake of my readers, I will post every other day and also continue, as I have, to refrain from posting on Sundays.  I do not wish to do you, my gentle reader, a disservice by creating too fast paced a temptation to bring you back online.  So take a day and throw your smart phone out the window.  Take a bike ride, go hiking, listen to the birds, read a book, or do something else that intrigues you and that requires you to log out.

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