Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Social Kung Fu

My brother has studied kung fu and other various types of self defense from the time he was very young.  His other hobby has been analyzing how people react to each other in the social realm and masterminding ways to get others to think him cool.  As his only younger sibling, I was, for better or worse, voluntary or not, the person on whom he practiced his arts.  Among the other aspects of my education I learned a great deal about the need to view life through the eyes of others and to protect my soul against blows, physical or emotional, from the world around me.  Allow me to share some insights. 

The social world can be more painful than being a kung fu punching bag.  A physical blow does not generally take years to heal.  A series of social blows can.  Care to avoid them?  Here we go.  Firstly, if we want to appear well in social intercourse, we must avoid taking incessantly for hours about the same thing.  If you happen to have an obsession employ your journal or as I do, a blog.  People needn't be held captive by ongoing one way conversation but they might enjoy a daily or weekly blog post relating to politics, nuclear warfare, D&D or whatever else you constantly have on your mind.  I would also suggest broadening horizons, ever broadening them, that your mind also may be expansive.  People are often impressed when they know you can discuss a range of topics with passion, but are also open minded enough to accept other viewpoints.  They tend to stand in awe.  Also, if we extend our learning we are not always at hand.  Be at hand for those you serve but remember that in the difficult, unforgiving social world, people also tend to take overly eager people for granted.  Finally and most importantly, fall in love with yourself. 

If you are in love with yourself, you will not commit the sometimes henious crime of trying to fit a certain mold or image.  Be yourself.  Enjoy yourself and enjoy life.  People are most impressed when, to be frank, they see someone so absorbed in their own pursuits but still friendly and kind, that they seem to stand alone and aloof from this world.  Keep your kindness, friendliness, seek to serve others, but also always, always, remember that being your best self is the wisest person to be. 

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