Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Mountains Speak

When I was eleven my parents moved to the foothills of a mountain and I spent much of my adolescence running, hiding, playing and exploring along a rocky, dry wash and climbing hand over hand cliffs and rock formations.  I recently had the opportunity to do so again as an adult.  I started out and after a short exercise my feet remembered the steps quite well.  I visited my old favorite haunt which consisted of a bed made of rock and a massive stone overshadowing it, looking like it is about to fall and crush the person underneath.  It is secluded and shady, and afforded me many hours of repose and study.

From this convenient resting place I have often climbed hand over hand the steep mountain face, braving moving stones under my feet and jumping cactus at my hands until I reach a high massive rock that overlooks the entire Tucson valley.  It's a breathtaking view and I have often brought my journal and deeper thoughts to that ridge.  Luckily it is easier on the way down. 

I could fill volumes, I fancy, with the lessons I have learned and pondered there.  One of the most lasting and profound is coming to the understanding that all things have life in them.  The earth itself has a soul, beautiful and eternal, just as we have.  Passion exists everywhere, even in the least likely corners and crannies of life.  We can find it if we take the time and submit to the quietude.  There is a great power in nature that can teach us profound truths if we will look for them.  I have found a great many, because when the mountains speak, I listen.

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  1. I have often wrote of my love for the mountains and they have a profound effect on me every time I get near them. I can think of nothing better than sitting in a rocking chair looking at the rising mountains and listening to a stream as it runs by making sounds that take all the worry away. Yes there is wonderful life all around us and all we have to do is open our eyes and let it in. Great post today my friend.