Monday, September 24, 2012

A Mormon's Idea of Heaven and Hell

I have received many requests to address this topic and indeed it is one that I have often considered conveying within the context of my blog as I have always found it an interesting concept.  Many people believe in one heaven and one hell.  The concept is simple: good people go to heaven and bad are condemned to fire and brimstone.  Easy, right?

However, it seems to me that people are not either white or black.  Generally we find among our human brethren and sisters various shades of grey.  So let's try to decide what should happen to a person who goes to church when they find it convenient and more or less seem to be decent human beings except perhaps on the more entertaining of weekends.  Should they receive the same reward as the greatest of prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists?  Hmmmm....  Well, then we have to condemn them with Hitler and the like.  Strange decision. Mormonism answers that kind of troubling issue.

Mormons believe that there is more than merely heaven and hell.  There is the highest level of glory which we call the Celestial Kingdom where the valiant go to perfect happiness together with their families and can progress in glory and light.  Then we have the good, upstanding people who were not valiant in their testimony of Jesus and who gain a wonderful glory without their families and without progression.  Then we find liars, murderers, harlots and the like who also achieve a certain measure of glory but far less than those who were generally upright.  Then those who knew what was right, had a solid knowledge of God and Jesus Christ and maliciously decided to fight against righteousness are consigned to reside with Satan. 

So in essence, what you gain from the next life corresponds directly to what you put into your spiritual progression in this one.  Simple concept, and everyone is placed where they are most comfortable.  After all, a person who has fought against righteousness all their lives would be less comfortable in God's presence than they would be with the damned souls in hell.

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