Friday, September 14, 2012

Haven't We Met Before?

I have alluded to the fact that I believe very much that all people lived in the presence of God before their births.  Indeed, I know it.  I know it more surely than I know I exist in this present mortality.  And if we have all lived before, does it not follow then that we knew many of our present associates before we met here on this temporal earth?  I know I did. 

Again, I was born with this knowledge and there have been those in my family who I have always felt I knew intimately long before I could have met them in this mortal state.  I know that in at least one case the feeling is very much reciprocated.  But let me lay before you an experience I had as a young child.  I was always a very spiritual person and when I was five I remember seeing in my mind's eye the face of a much older man and the impression that I would meet him someday and that I would teach him something he needed desperately.   

Four years ago I arrived at a certain place in my typical pursuits and came face to face with a man old enough to be my father and who I recognized instantly.  I spent two years silently studying him from a distance and am now quietly engaged in subtly teaching him how to let his true colors shine.  Perhaps I knew you.  Perhaps you knew me.  Perhaps we are meeting here at this blog post in order to teach each other something.  Perhaps long ago we knew our present friendship was meant to be. 

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  1. Although I don't have the same beliefs, I am happy to know you are helping this man. Wonderful.