Monday, September 3, 2012

I Love You Passionately!

There is a greater kind of love than the ones we generally view in today’s society.  I am convinced that morality has deteriorated to the point of rendering most human beings past natural feeling or even comprehension of the greater joys of life.  We as humans are capable of greatness unmatched, joy unconsidered and friendship blindingly bright.  Nevertheless, we often sacrifice these moments of bliss to immediate gratification.

One situation that frequently returns to mind is the concept of pure friendship between man and woman.  I have often heard people claim that no such situation can exist without some sensual motive creeping behind it.  Such may be true for those who have no control over their own lustful appetites, surely, but I know from experience that it is not only possible but fully agreeable and one of the brightest circumstances that adorn human life. 

I have from my childhood found the teachings of the masterful John Taylor among my favorite passages in literature.  In his eloquent words “you may say that that is not natural.  Then we ought to be changed from nature to grace.”  And when we taste the sweetness of the light of grace we understand more fully that we are beings of eternal light and altogether capable of strong, unwavering attachment on a great many levels. 

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