Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Confessions of a Chocoholic

My kitchen smells like sugar and as I wait for my latest concoction to turn blissfully to perfection my mind dreamily drifts to how my social career as a corrupter of healthy diets came into existence.  It is a standing rule in the family in which I was raised that at every familial gathering and holiday I am in charge of bringing a carefully crafted dessert.  They know I have something of a gourmet touch in this arena and won't settle for anything less than the best.  And they know that I know without question what the best requires.  Yet those who know me only on a superficial level know I only eat perfectly healthful food.  How can such a paradox exist?  Well my friends, there are secrets in my past.

I used to eat nothing but exceedingly unhealthy food.  My lunch in high school usually consisted of a couple of Reeses peanut butter cups, a can of Mug root beer and perhaps a bag of chips.  When I really felt like being healthy I opted for greasy pizza slices larger than my head.  And I got away with it.  I have never been more than 135 lbs, even at nine months pregnant.  My body just doesn't respond in ways people can see.  But I could feel it. And one summer night in the hot tub with my chiseled older sister and muscle clad younger cousins I decided that the skinny fat me wasn't what I wanted.  It was like a kind of judgement day for me when what I realized that there was something better and I knew that if these people who shared my genetics, mentally and physically could live better than I had been in that respect, so could I.  It was an incredibly pivotal moment in my physical life.  So I reformed and have never looked back.

But here's my point.  We often think we are beyond hope for something we want.  Particularly I refer to people thinking "I can't go to church and be one of those people.  I have done too much wrong."  My friends, we can always reform.  And as an avid church goer, I can tell you that we need people like you.  Need you.  We need you because you can give us a deep, rich perspective that we otherwise wouldn't have.  Your attendance at church is just as needful for the priest or pastor as it is needful for you.  Those avid church goers can learn amazing things when you share your experiences with them and it will make them better followers of God.  Without my sugary sinful past my family would end up eating the hard as rock cookies we used to have as children or cheap store bought cake and the like.  So go ahead.  Reform your life in whatever way you feel needful and give those around you a splash of passionate joy they never knew they were missing.

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