Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cover Girls

As our political opinions become more tensed and it seems our country is split down the middle, may I remind us one very pertinent fact?  We can still all get along.  I asked my beautiful older sister Crystal to help me out this morning in demonstrating that though we can be on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, we can still be bound together in love.  Neither of us are necessarily acting a part.  We are simply being our own individual selves.

My fabulous sister rocked the stage for years as an amazing actress playing everything from Helena in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream to Buttercup from The Princess Bride.  She is socially fearless, always in vogue and can wrap anyone around her finger, man or woman, except those silly ladies who chose to be intimidated and envious by the extraordinary light she carries with her.  People are immediately attracted by her vivacious, exciting and fun loving spirit.

I'm a completely different type.  I'm the quiet, unpretending, archaic, artless one who drowns in the beauty of classical music and classic literature.  I can't be what I'm not to save my life.  I'm the studious, natural, intellectual one who quietly works toward a good end from behind the scenes.  My interactions with people are usually quiet and eternally soulful.

We worship the same God in completely different ways.  She beautifies everything within her grasp as it draws her spirit upward to an even more beautiful heaven.  I commune with the dust of the earth and the lilies of the field and recognize that this whole world is nothing in comparison to the joy that awaits us.  And yet we get along, perfectly and beautifully, because we both respect and can learn from each other.  My friends, aren't we all brothers and sisters?  Can't we all appreciate the good in each other?  And as none of us have all the answers, can't we recognize that each person, no matter how different, is a valid and cherished child of God?      

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  1. Yes we are all brothers and sisters and I have learned to love both of you for different reasons. Each of you have amazing qualities that have given me great joy and peace over the last couple of years. Can't wait to watch Mr. Ryan blow Biden out of the water tonight using only the truth. God bless you both and this was an awesome post.