Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Win an Amazing Woman

Ah!  It's everyone's favorite topic again - romance!  My earlier post on how to make boys crazy about you is still a favorite and going strong according to my stats.  So let's discuss the other side of the coin.  Brethren, I appreciate all of you who even clicked on this because it illustrates that you aren't interested in a one night stand with a harlot.  Bravo!  Please leave your name and number in the comments so that single women who read this can look you up!

Well then, let's get one thing straight.  For the sake of argument, we will define an amazing woman as someone who is emotionally and spiritually strong, cares about being healthy in her physique, and wants to make the world a better place in some manner or other.  The question she will naturally have in her mind is "What can a guy give me that I don't already have?"  This is a tall order to fill, particularly if she is an independent working girl.  And remember that she will have quite a few admirers so she probably won't be an easy catch.

It's simple really.  Focus on honestly being the person your ideal woman would want.  She isn't going to be interested in a guy who is romantically or sexually selfish- therefore leave pornography and anything like it alone.  Don't hit on women who act or dress immodestly.  It makes you less fit to be what an amazing woman wants.  Women like Prince Charming, not a self absorbed guy who expects her to be a harlot and slave.  Keep learning every day.  Develop your talents.  Volunteer in your community.  And most importantly, never ever be afraid to be yourself.  That is who an amazing woman wants.  You.  She doesn't want to fall in love with an image that will disappear at some point.  She wants you.  Really.  Be confident in the person that God made you and someday I trust you will win an incredible woman who will rightly chatter to all her friends that she caught herself a truly amazing man.


  1. Michelle,
    This is excellent practical advice for the ages. After two divorces and numerous missteps in life, I am now in my mid-50's and finally met that woman you describe. I am a single father raising a teenage son by myself and I hope he learns these things much sooner, so he does not have to struggle the way I did.

    I have truly appreciated many of your postings here. You write very well and you obviously put a lot of effort into this. I wish you the best.