Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spiritual Innocence

I have at times alluded to my all consuming belief that we lived in a more intense spiritual state before our mortal births.  I have always known this more surely than I felt the reality of my present mortal existence.  Here is how I feel much impressed we lived at that time.  And it is this spirituality and innocence we must set as our ultimate goal and destination in this life.  The surest way to happiness is not by engaging in debate, argument or sophistry but in rediscovering the gentle confidence before God we had so long ago.  I wrote an autobiography a few years ago which included the fullness of all my insight, reflections regarding life and the like.  I never intend to unveil it, but this is one of the opening sections.  The book itself is partly in prose and also includes various types of poetry which shift according to the plot, much as music in an opera changes based upon the relative events. 
Once in a state of purity and peace
We stood before the gates of open joy,
Embraced in glory, slept on golden fleece;
In innocence stood every girl and boy.
And love proved sure, our common course
Which hell itself this life could not destroy.
And in our dreams we saw the shooting orbs
Of light that now we know as lofty stars
But then as toys; we harbored no remorse
For lived we then without the fashioned bars
Of emptiness. 

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