Saturday, October 20, 2012

What if You Could Look into Jesus's Face?

This might be applied not only to God Himself but all who strive to find a better way, a nobler course and higher dream than we generally see in society.  Indeed, I wrote it about a specific mortal person who will remain nameless but found later it applies more or less perfectly to the Savior Himself.  It particularly discusses the concept of our sometimes not accepting people who seem strange to the world simply because they are striving for something higher.

I strain to read the faded words

That splash across his face.

A book of truth unhinderéd

By glory or disgrace

Betoken life of wisdom’s strength

That others failed to see

Because they do not understand

The truth that sets them free.

The darkened world walks blindly on

Ignoring heaven’s light

And spurning him who strives for peace

And seeking greater sight.

Perhaps instead of chiding him

Who often we deride

It might behoove to gaze into

The joy that speaks inside.