Friday, November 30, 2012

A Christian and a Star of David

I don't own a crucifix.  I don't wear them either.  But as anyone who has read my posts can tell, I am an absolutely flaming Christian.  I do, however, own and occasionally wear a silver Star of David.  I intend to wear it throughout some of December as a reminder that my first priority should be God and as I teach my children about Hanukah and Christmas.  Has Michelle finally lost her mind?  Hardly.

No offense intended whatsoever to anyone who wears a cross.  That is totally your own worship before God and I honor you for it.  People learn differently and it is okay that we all learn and worship differently.  I learn very differently from most people.  You see, I have always been something of an extreme analytical scholar to a degree that often annoys the people around me.  The fact is that for all the arguments between the two religions, Christianity is a branch of the mother Jewish faith.  Every word in the Bible was written by a Jew.  Jesus Christ Himself was a Jew and in fact likely never wore a crucifix round His neck but as a rabbi probably sometimes wore the six pointed star.  It is not that I would dishonor Jesus or Christianity but that I would honor Him as He is and not as I would make Him.  I believe that we owe gratitude and friendship to those who hold to the religion that came before ours. 

I often hear people upset when others employ the term "Happy Holidays" insisting that we should all instead say "Merry Christmas."  I appreciate a Jewish personal trainer of mine some years ago who spent hours handmaking Christmas presents and wishing all her clients and friends a very hearty "Merry Christmas!"  I wasn't sure how to respond at the time but that example of friendship and kindness has stayed with me and it was that December that I purchased this Star of David necklace.  If we would really remember Jesus Christ, let us remember that contention and argument are not of Him, and that He leaves us free to be kind to and appreciate all people, for we are all children of God.   


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