Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Message from Saint Nicholas

  My dear friends in 2012,

How grateful I am that you celebrate in the month of December!  I myself was highly religious from my youth in Patara, Greece, even before the early death of my parents.  The left me with so many blessings, for though they were very wealthy in things of the world, which I inherited as their only child, but from my birth in 270 AD they set an amazing example of Christian service before God took them out of this world.  I wanted to give to others as God had given to me.  I secretly watched for those in need and yes, sometimes placed coins in people's shoes.  I'm not sure how the idea evolved into socks, but whatever you will. 

But though I find myself honored by the tradition and legacy you have made of me, I feel the need to straighten you out on a few points.  I myself wanted to give only out of good will to God and man, and I would direct you to the same source of inspiration.  I find myself horrified at the spectacle so many have made to place me on a pedestal and completely forget the purpose of my generosity.  I didn't do it to gain credit - that is why I did my good deeds in secret!  I wanted people to give thanks to God, and I am tempted to feel almost ashamed before my Maker that so many practically worship me, weak and fallible man that I am, and forget the Lord who has given them so much.

With all humility of spirit, I would ask for a gift from you this year.  Forget about me.  Forget me entirely.  I am more than content to have my name blotted out from the records of history if instead it would be replaced by the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  If you will give to others, do it because of the gift God has given you in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  After my death on December 6, 343 AD my bones were taken apart and placed in two different cities - surely I am not the one deserving of worship.  I am only a man made from the dust and have no power even to keep my physical remains in a common country.  But Jesus Christ - where are His mighty bones?  I beg you to give credit where credit is due.  Remember Him this season.  I did, and I continue to think only of Him and forget myself in whatever service I can render to Him.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Nikolaos of Myra

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