Monday, November 5, 2012

A Prayer for America

As many of my readers know, I have often prayed for Mitt Romney's success in this unthinkably difficult campaign.  But looking across our great nation as a whole I recognize there is another prayer we need more desperately.  We need to pray for the American people.  Let us pray for them to be wise.  Let us pray for our own people to remember the innocent unborn children whose lives are wrenched away from them in the name of women's rights.  Let us remember how sacred our bodies are and reverence them, treat them sacredly, and bring virtue back to the mainstream social stage of American life.
We do not need a candidate or a president nearly as much as we need to remember the value of work not only for our adults but also our children.  Let us teach our children to work and to find joy in labor.  Let us remember the precious trust we have to protect our allies and defend the country of Israel.  We pray for our enemies who would terrorize us, that they may be softened and realize we have no animosity for them if they will leave us alone.  But if not, we pray for the strength to fight like lions to unravel their plans and bring them to justice, even to the eternal justice of our mighty Creator. 
I pray that we as a people will turn our focus back to the family and forget the shallow, empty constituents of the world that will never render lasting joy.  Let us remember that freedom of religion and freedom of speech, even in front of the president himself, is what has in profound measure made this country the greatest nation on earth.  And let us remember our God, by whatever name we may call Him, and call upon His power to forgive and strengthen the nation that has threatened to forget Him.
Lastly, I sincerely ask your prayers to combine with mine for the devastated state of New Jersey and its surrounding areas.  This poor state has been pounded by a merciless Mother Nature and every day I turn a pained, grief stricken heart toward the east coast and wait on pinpricks to hear the number and if possible, the names of the dead.  I find myself involuntarily holding my breath as I read through the reports of this devastation and continually pray for the safety of those I know in that area and also those I don't.  They are never far from my thoughts.  We love you, our east coast American family!  God bless our nation and let us give Him a viable reason to do so.


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